The Lorain County Aquarium Society

The Lorain County Aquarium Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and enjoying the aquarium hobby in all its aspects.

NOTICE: Our meetings are NOW usually 7pm on the 4th Friday of each Month. (Yes, we changed it for October 2014 on) Email us to make sure. Sometimes we'll have a special meeting at a different location. We try to have a hobby related program each month. We also have refreshments, and some time to talk fish. Come on out and enjoy the fun. Visitors are welcome!    MAP!

New Date! Due to date conflicts for some members (especially our host)
August Meeting is the Picnic! it's Friday the 31st at 6pm.
Not 7pm! and Not the 4th Friday. We will NOT be at the church either. Picnic is on Barb's Back Porch (enclosed). Potluck, bring something to share. Usual picnic stuff. Club providing a meat (undecided which). Call or PM me or Barb for address/directions. Thanks Barb for hosting!

The Fall Auction !! It will be Sunday, Sunday October 7th, 2018

at the Pittsfield Township Hall at the corner of Rts 58 & 303. 46118 St. Route 303, Pittsfield, OH, 44090.
(note: address is approximate, the place doesn't have a street number, but it should get google maps or your GPS really close!)
Registration opens at 11am. Auction starts at noon. See the flyer for more information.

MAP!    flyer with more info:(FLYER) print some and spread the word!

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Individual or Family Membership is $10 per year.

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